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American Farm Heritage Museum

By Logan | May 12, 2014 | 0 Comment

The American Farm Heritage Museum is located just outside of Greenville, Illinois on the south side of Interstate 70. Founded in 2004, they are dedicated to preserving the history and culture of rural America. The property includes attractions like The Little Red Barn Museum, the American Heritage Railroad, numerous historic tractors and it hosts “Heritage Days” every summer. The museum’s board came to my Graphic Design class looking to have themselves re-branded with a new logo and some secondary collateral material. Not only did the board want a new logo for the museum but also a logo for their subsidiary, the American Heritage Railroad (a 16″ gauge railroad like you might find at a zoo) that circles the property. The two logos needed to be similar in style so my partner and I designed two logos that we felt captured the heritage of living on an American farm and the history of the railroad.

Above you can see the two logos that my partner and I developed. The museums old logo featured a single farm tractor but they wanted to steer away from having an easily identifiable make or model of tractor since their visitors all have a different preference. To ensure that this didn’t happen I chose to feature a farm, something that every visitor can relate too and which brings back a since of nostalgia and heritage. The AFHM board wanted the Heritage Railway logo to feature an older style steam engine since they are working on rebuilding a similar engine to run on their track. Each logo is unique but also similar in appearance which gives a great sense of unity among the sister brands. For both the museum and the railroad I developed the official logo and a badge version. The official logo will be used on things like stationary while the badge will be used for promotional material as well as branded merchandise. The second piece that I worked on for this project is a brochure that serves as an informational guide to how a person, family, or business can donate to the AFHM. I broke the booklet up into several sections including a brief history of the museum, tractor donations, membership opportunities, the Heritage Railroad, and finally willed giving (leaving money, property, or farm equipment to the museum). The imagery all comes from the museum itself and was provided by Bill Walker of the Greenville Advocate. I chose to use selective color to highlight parts of the photo that I thought would provoke an emotional response by the reader.

Note:This project was selected by the American Farm Heritage Museum to be used as their new official branding.Logos have been updated since the original posting of this article and now reflect the finalized versions that will be used by the museum.

The fundraising booklet contains information that is not guaranteed to be accurate as of this moment. It was created as a concept to pitch the client using available information. Look for and updated version later this summer.