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Ayers Field Station Branding Project

By Logan | May 4, 2014 | 0 Comment

 This collection of material was created as part of my capstone seminar class, otherwise known as COR 401. A group of other students and myself spent our semester working with the Ayers Science Field Station to help promote its resources and potential to the community of Greenville Illinois and college students studying at Greenville College.


I created this logo to embody the Ayers Field Station not only as an environmental research center but also as educational facility owned and operated by Greenville College. The logo incorporates Little Shoal Creek that serves as the eastern boundary line, the lake found on the premises, and the plant and wildlife found at the facility.

The second part of the project was to create a video which will serve as an informational resource for the Ayers Field Station and Greenville College. I shot and edited the video, to get the aerial footage found at the beginning and end of the film my brother and I strapped a GoPro Hero3+ video camera to his remote controlled airplane.

The final part of COR groups project was to create a brochure for the Ayers Field Station. It gives a brief history about the facility and includes several pictures of the location. The main feature of the brochure is the map located on the inside panel of the brochure. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a vector map of the entire property using Google Maps as a source. Before our project there were no maps of the hiking and walking trails at the Ayers Field Station. I used a GPS device to accurately map these trails and created three different trail loops. The rest of the inside cover provides guests with some information about the plants and wildlife found at the Field Station.