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Enertech Global, LLC

By Logan | May 12, 2014 | 0 Comment

Enertech Global, LLC is a manufacturer of geothermal heating and cooling units headquartered in Greenville, Illinois. Currently they manufacture and sell three separate brands. During my time at Enertech I helped launch a new branding campaign, worked on the upkeep and development of  corporate literature (both internal and external), as well as created graphics for trade shows and I redesigned their welcome sign along the highway.

Above are examples of brand legacy posters I developed for Enertech. Each poster embodies the history and character of each brand through imagery and text. These posters hand in the main conference room of Enertech’s world headquarters.

Enertech sell directly to dealers and distributors, I was tasked with developing the 2014 corporate calendar which is distributed all around the United States and Canada. In the fall of 2013 Enertech launched a new corporate branding campaign centered around the words “Welcome Home.” These words and the imagery of the campaign are reflected in the calendar.

Warranty Icons

Warranty Icons

These are two examples of logo/icon development I produced for Enertech for use in their consumer literature and brand websites.