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RedDragon Bike Company

By Logan | May 14, 2014 | 0 Comment

RedDragon - Award Winner

RedDragon Bicycle Company was created from scratch for my Graphic Design 2: Business Practices In Design class. I had to create an original company and develop the branding, marketing strategy, and collateral material that fit the brand, its image, and purpose to provide a glimpse of how it would be marketed in the real world. I enjoy cycling so creating a company based around that topic was fun to work on. RedDragon is a full service bike shop offering all the sales, service, repairs, and accessories any typical bike shop would have. The idea is for the company to be based in my hometown of Greenville, Illinois and would serve the community of Greenville as well as the surrounding counties since the closest bike shop is in Edwardsville (about 40 minutes away). Ideally a bike trail will eventually connect Greenville to the larger metro St. Louis area and will cater to the riders who pass through town.

Company Overview

Company Overview

The logo contains the “R” and “D” that make up RedDragon as well as a flame to represent a dragon’s fire. It is laid out in a vertically and is reminiscent of bike badges that appear above the front fork of the bike. Other pieces I designed for the company include a 24″ x 36″ poster that has a retro feel and is supposed to make you think of something a young child would hang up in their bedroom and stair at everyday wishing that they could ride a RedDragon. I designed multiple branded pieces including water bottles, drawstring backpacks for storing bike gear like shoes or a helmet, stickers, mini-Frisbees (for the kids), A website (design only, pictures to come shortly), a magazine ad, a billboard, and a vinyl vehicle wrap. Directly below in the gallery is a collection of photos of the actual display. Read further to see more detailed production shots. 

Now I will get into more details about individual pieces for the project, first up I will discuss the various branded pieces I had on the table. These items included water bottles that feature the words for RedDragon’s motto and the logo. Alongside that were tote bags that can be used for carrying clothes, bike shoes, or helmets. Stickers, business cards, and small Frisbees rounded out the branded material. Since I don’t actually have a bike shop these were the best way to give the viewers and understanding of the kinds of things we would sell in the shop to promote the brand.

One of the required tasked I had to do for the project was create layout designs for three pages of my companies website (I did not code them). I designed three different pages, the home page, info about our UpCycle program, and a page that shows our bike customization engine. My vision for RedDragon is that it would be an online retailer so the website is designed to handle the kind of traffic and additional pages needed to support those features as well as providing local customers with the information that they need quickly. The bike customization engine would be coded in flash and people would be able to customize virtually every part of their bike before ordering it.

Finally I created several supplemental pieces that expand my brand even further. For this I made a magazine ad (placed within a magazine that suits the subject aka Outdoor Magazine), a poster that customers could hang up on their wall, a billboard, and a vehicle wrap.